André A.C. Ahouissoussi

69 B Hemlock St Forest Blvd., Park Forest, IL 60466

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Mid career, Agribusiness professional with 17 years experience seeking opportunity in development international.



  • Bilingual French (dissertation) / English
  • Agribusiness & economic development
  • Process and project cycle management
  • Market research/ Integrated Marketing Com
  • Economic development policy
  • Investigation, Data mining and consulting
  • Advocacy and lobbying strategies
  • Strategic innovation management



Loyola University Quilan School of Business, Chicago, USA

MBA International Business (Anticipated completion :)                                            Fall 2014


National University of Benin, Republic of Benin

MS, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology,                                                   February 1996


BS, General Tropical Agriculture                                                                            August 1994




Recent professional achievement

Graduate Business Student/ Independent Thinker/ Economic Development Commissioner/ Consultant


Provided Technical Assistance to DARKO FARMS & Co. Ltd., Kumasi, Ghana. Assignment included diagnosing the old plant functioning, to develop a strategic canvas and draft a business plan for the company. Sponsor is ACDI/VOCA Farmer to Farmer, funded by USAID. 6-20 July 2013.


Contributed to the final report on the feasibility Development Impact Bond (DIB) with the Center for Global Development (USA) and Social Finance (UK), July 2013.


Presented the paper “Benin’s Tomato Onion Pepper (TOP) project: Economic empowerment in subsistence marketplaces - The role of Students and Diaspora” at the Fourth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference: From Micro-level Insights to Macro-Level Impact, held at Loyola University Chicago 27-29 July 2012


Finalist of the Global Social Benefit Incubator 2011, Center for Science, Technology, and Society

Santa Clara University, USA with the Value proposition - Hose Unbuckled for Enhancing Farming in Africa (HOUEFA superficial aquifer pumping system)- Registered with US Patent and Trademark Office


Occupational work and part-time MBA education, Chicago, IL, USA                                                2005- Present

Appropriate Services Inc. USA, Marketing Freelance /Subcontractor/Community Service

  • Drafted the business plan, Market research and Integrated Marketing Communication

planning for CoffeeTrains© a novel ground transportation in south cook county, IL          07/12- present

  • Adult Mentor, Community Action Teams/ NRI. Richtownship, Village of Richton Park IL
  • Economic Development Advisor,  Village of Park Forest IL                                                      01/2012- Present
  • Subcontractor for Comcast, Directv, Dishnetwork  to subsidize MBA education                  continued
  • Involved in remote professional interventions in Benin, West Africa                                       continued


Appropriate Services Consulting, Benin Republic, West Africa                                                             1999 – 2005

Principal, Consultant/ Authorized World bank Contractor /Green Falcon Publication Director

  • Researched, appraised, evaluated and drafted the business plan for a tomato processing plant on World Bank exportation assistance for Sud Environment Benin
  • Member of a team of 3 experts, who consulted, researched and drafted the governance component of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) strategic plan 2006 -2010
  • Consulted, researched and drafted 2 separate reports to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for private sector and state governance assessment on the framework of assistance to Benin Republic for fiscal years 2004  to 2012.
  • Provided technical assistance to a group of women producing shea butter in Benin during the 2003 Corporate Council on Africa’s conference on shea butter in Washington, D.C. I also advised these women on how to obtain assistance via the African Growth and Opportunity Act. (AGOA)
  • Consulted and drafted a report to the Canadian Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) on the economical analysis of alternative uses of cassava in Benin, in the framework of CIDA support to the Benin Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Assisted Benin Farmers Union (FUPRO) with information management during their strategic reform.
  • Assisted the Benin Exportation Development Association in identifying technical and economical aspects of their pilot operation, shipping a 20-foot container of Benin shea butter to the United States.
  • Consulted and reported to CIDA on alternative technologies met in Benin
  • Provided technical assistance to AID-NGO for community-based projects on the subjects of identification, appraisal and business plan writing. I led the projects and delivered the project papers to the African Development Foundation (ADF). Most projects were successfully funded.
  • Consulted and reported to the Belgian International NGO Vredeseilanden (VeCO) Country Office for the census of organizations and people that have expertise in advocacy in the rural sector in Benin.
  • Founded, and published Le Faucon Vert (The Green Falcon), the pioneer  agribusiness newsletter in Benin


Benin NGOs Network for Democratic Governance (RGD)                                                     2000 - 2003

Executive Director, Chief of Party Managing USAID Assistance to Benin Civil Society

  • Led watchdog efforts at preserving Democratic Governance in Benin for RGD, a network of 63 non-for-profit organizations in the Benin Republic
  • Led institutional, legal operations and empower member in advocacy and lobbying strategies.
  • Led, monitored and contributed to the strategic plan for 2001- 2005
  • Edited and wrote for Les échos de la Gouvernance Démocratique,  the organization’s newsletter
  • Designed and implemented a project funded by the United States Embassy in Benin that was aimed at coaching local community leaders on how to carry out participatory development planning


Bénin Expertise, LLC, Programme "Entrepreneuriat" Benin                                              1998 - 1999

Under Director of the Agribusiness Department/ Evaluation and monitoring officer 

  • Monitored and evaluated program implementation and achievements
  • Provided technical assistance to professional organizations to write their business plans
  • Assessed expert reports in the following sectors: pineapple, fruits and dried vegetables, fruits and vegetables, cashew nuts and essential oils
  • Participated in overall program management


CIRAPIP - NGO                                                                                                                                 1996 - 1999

Technical Assistant to PROTOS – CEE, DANIDA and World Bank Food Security projects

  • Directed and participated in the design and implementation of Water and Food Security Program and Rural development projects. My role included preparation, implementation and monitoring.
  • Contributed to the African Development Foundation’s strategic plan for 1997-2001 in Cotonou


Department of Economics and Rural Sociology                                                                                       1996

Research Assistant to Ir. Dedewanou, PhD candidate

  • Contributed to tutor’s PhD thesis by writing article reviews
  • Participated in the evaluation of a new approach of extension of the Crop Protection Department (G5 Project of the Deutch University Hoheinheim)



  • Authorized expert, Benin Exportation Development Project (sponsored by the World Bank)
  • Founder and President, Mouvement Conscience 3 Oredayo
  • Member, Chicago Public Radio        Member, Civicus: World Alliance


Publications         Consultation reports and articles published in Agribusiness newsletters, available upon request



  • Trained leader in advocacy and lobbying strategies with the Institute for Advocacy on International Cooperation (BBO), Haye, Netherlands.
  • Trained in business creation in Africa, negotiation principles and strategies and conflicts management at the African Virtual University in Cotonou
  • Laureate of the paper “Supporting Rural Economy in the Third World through ICT Networking” at the First World Conference on  Global Information Technology Management
  • Laureate of the call for proposal for the paper “For a Republic Budget Dedicated to Poverty Reduction” for the Benin Legislative Project (BLP/USAID) in the framework of the parliamentary workshop regarding the 2001 state budget’s instrumentality and efficiency

Professional references




Clifford J. Shultz, II, Ph.D.
Professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing

Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business
Maguire Hall, Rm. 418

1 E. Pearson St.
Chicago, IL  60611


Former Marketing teacher at Loyola University. Advised the writing and presentation of my paper “Benin’s TOP project: Economic empowerment in subsistence marketplaces - The role of Students and Diaspora” at the Fourth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference: From Micro-level Insights to Macro-Level Impact, held at Loyola University Chicago 27-29 July 2012

John A. Ostenburg

Mayor, Village of Park Forest IL

350 Victory Drive, Park Forest, Illinois 60466

(708) 748-1112

Nominated and confirmed me as Advisor to the Economic the Economic Development Advisory Group (EDAG) of the village of Park Forest. My commission expires in Dec 2014

Pamela Bridgewater, US Ambassador


Embassy of  the United States of America to Jamaica

142 Old Hope Road
Kingston 6, Jamaica

Telephone: 876-702-6000
Fax: 876-702-6348

Was US Ambassador to Benin. Supported and approved my initiatives as Executive Director of the Benin NGOs networking for a Democratic Governance and sign off the US Embassy Self Help grant to educate some community leaders in participatory planning, advocacy and lobbying strategies.


As Under Secretary of US State Department in charge of West African Affairs, supported my intervention as expert volunteer to promote, involve and support some Benin women sheabutter producers to some AGOA events in Washington DC.

Ruben Johnson, Team Leader USAID Democracy and Governance

Embassy of  the United States of America to Benin

01 B.P. 2012 
Cotonou, République du Bénin

Phone : (229) 21-30-05-00

Was my main contact in USAID between 2000 and 2003 when I was managing USAID grants as Executive Director of the Benin NGOs networking for a Democratic Governance


Mr Johnson also led the procurement process that hired me and other two experts to consult and draft “Governance & Private Sector“ Chapter of the USAID Benin Strategic Plan 2006-2010