Development Impact Bond, My Contribution

When Social Finance UK and Center For Global development, USA called for contribution on their report regarding the Development impact bond (DIB), I took stake. 

The DIB's idea lay a framework to allow donors to only pay for certain development outcomes they chose to. However, By taking stake in such project and engaged to pay for the outcome, they put monetary value on development projects which otherwise do not have any bankable value. They can then attract multi-stakeholders to contract and deliver the outcome and reap the reward associate to the outcome. 

The idea make a lot of sense to me. Here is the complete version of the contribution I chipped in. Note that I exposed some of my ideas and compared their rationale to the Development Impact bonds'.

However, approach to development interventions remain a big divide!
Andre Ahouissoussi,
Mar 11, 2014, 9:33 PM