Welcome to my personal communication interface with the world citizens. This site is a primary place to meet like-minded and critics of what I’m passionate about: to contribute to poverty alleviation in Africa and the third world, through business settings and initiatives that does not give as charity, but invest in people through business activities that could thrive and last, using the stakeholder’s strategy.

I contend that even in this era of information and technology, the numeric and technological divide is more than ever wider between the poor countries and the rich ones. There is a strong need for leadership of technologically aware and well educated citizens of the world to descend all the way down, in the trenches where extreme poverty is claiming life, unnecessarily.

After a decade of exile in the US, my assignment to Ghana by ACDI/VOCA in July 2013 reminded and galvanized me about everything I stand for. I believe it is just not necessary that the divide can be so wide that among people breathing the same air, some can concentrate so much economic power to feel like a God regarding how they can deal with their fellows in life.

I’m pro- capitalist. But I just don’t believe in the turn that capitalism had taken, that would deny dignity and better living opportunity to others. I don’t believe that the political leaders should operate governments like a family of sectarian business and exclude the majority. After all, no human being had ever made it alone. I need your thoughts and offers to set as much as possible little fire for economic opportunities not as the classic seeds and tools, but the full package that made Wall Street: the fierce desire to make the maximum profit out of the investment and the profit here is the preservation that can be made to life.

Thank you for being here.